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Carpet Cleaning In Victorville – “The New Way!”

You Can Forget About  Having Wet Carpets & Returning Spots and Stains…


low moisture carpet cleaning - victorville, caAt High Desert  Carpet Cleaning in Victorville CA, we love dry organic carpet cleaning, and it’s our mission is to provide each of our customers with an exceptional carpet cleaning service for a reasonable, affordable price.

We believe that dry organic carpet cleaning is the best, safest and healthiest carpet cleaning method available. Our cleaning system is environmentally friendly and our cleaning products are natural, non-toxic, detergent free and hypo-allergenic.

If you’re concerned about the use of harmful and dangerous chemicals being used to clean your carpet, then you’ll be glad to know that our method and cleaning products are 100% toxin free.

We provide an effective and thorough carpet cleaning that is totally safe and healthy for your family and pets.  It’s the New Way to clean carpet!

Dry extraction carpet cleaning is the #1 rated carpet cleaning system by America’s leading consumer magazine and is approved and recommended by all major carpet manufacturers.








Dry, Organic, Carpet Cleaning by Amarillo Dry Carpet Cleaning 806-553-2077

With High Desert’s Dry Organic Cleaning Process is the best, and safest way to clean your carpets. Your carpets will be dry in minutes with our low moisture, deep extraction carpet cleaning techniques. Give us a call today, you’ll be happy that you did.

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High Desert’s Upholstery Cleaning Services: A majority of store-bought upholstery cleaning products can prove to be harmful to your furniture. Rely on High Desert to eradicate spots and stains from your furniture, and ensure your fine fabrics longevity.

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tile & grout cleaning by

At High Desert Dry Carpet Cleaning in Victorville we know tile & grout cleaning is an extremely difficult DIY project.  Leave your tile and grout cleaning to us and we’ll make your household mops and tooth brushes seem like child play. Give us a call today!

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According to industry estimates, there are about 200 billion square feet of carpet in the United States. Cleaning all of this carpet just once with Our Dry Carpet Cleaning System would save 9,770,000.000 (billion) gallons of water!

That’s enough water to:

  • Fill 195,000,000 standard full bathtubs

  • Flush a 1.6 gallon toilet more than 6,000,000,000 times

  • Sustain over 53 million people for one year or over 670,000 people for their lifetimes

This point is often overlooked as well, wet extractors use large amounts of water. Further, they generate large amounts of waste water which burdens sewers and our water treatment Plants. Also, 20-35% of waste water that is left in the carpet evaporates; humidifying buildings and forcing air conditioners and dehumidifiers to run harder and longer. Using Dry Extraction Compound Cleaner saves water. In fact, the High Desert Dry Carpet Cleaning System deep cleans carpet with 97% less water than typical high-flow wet truck mounted extractors. In fact the amount of waste water that flooded the east coast from hurricane Sandy was approximately 10 Billion Gallons of water. That’s how much drinking water we could save if we just cleaned all of our carpet one time with the superior dry organic carpet cleaning system.

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